BSN Nursing

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Prerequisite Courses
Visual/Performing Arts
US-College Reading & Writing *
GLB/US-Written Argument/Research *
History of the United States through Reconstruction *
History of the United States From Reconstruction *
US-Princ of US and Tex Gov *
US/TX Gov; Insts & Pols *
Introduction to Psychology *
Fund of Public Speaking *
Business/Prof Speaking
US-Hum Anatomy/Physiology I *
Hum Anatomy/Physiology II *
US-College Algebra *
US-General Ethics *
Survey of General Chemistry ( ) *
General and Quantitative Chemistry I
Required Support Courses
PSY 322Lifespan Development3
BIOL 2420General Microbiology4
MATH 453Essentials of Statistics **3
or MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods
or PSY 302 Psychological Statistics: Descriptive and Inferential
Additional Hours from Science Options in the Core2
Required courses in the major
NURS 3115Clinical Nutrition1
NURS 3133Gerontological Nursing1
NURS 3232Professional Nursing Issues2
NURS 3313GLB/Therapeutic Communication3
NURS 3316Principles of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology I3
NURS 3317Principles of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology II3
NURS 3414Health Assessment4
NURS 3531Nursing Care of Parents/Newborns5
NURS 3620Fundamentals of Nursing Care6
NURS 3630Nursing Care of Adults I6
NURS 4342Nursing Research3
NURS 4540Nursing Care of Mental Health Clients5
NURS 4541Nursg Care of Child/Families5
NURS 4650Nursing Care of Adults II6
NURS 4660Rural and Community Health Nursing6
NURS 4661Leadership in Professional Nursing6
NURS 4162NCLEX-RN Preparatory Course1
Total Hours120