Sport and Recreation Management B.S.

The graduate should possess the following competencies: (1) knowledge and skills that promote sport and recreation; (2) knowledge of the core concepts for the management of sport and recreation; (3) knowledge of economics and finance in the sport industry; (4) knowledge of concepts for developing for sport and recreation, and (5) knowledge of methods for administration and evaluation of sport and recreation programs.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Courses in the HHPS Major
Students must have and maintain a 2.5 overall GPA in order to take 300- and 400- level classes in the program.
HHPS 100Foundations of Sport & Recreation Management3
HHPS 110Principles of Leadership in Sport & Recreation3
HHPS 210Sport Psychology3
HHPS 305Programming and Events in Sport and Recreation3
HHPS 310GLB/Facility and Venue Management *3
HHPS 316Field Experience in Sport and Recreation3
HHPS 320Legal & Ethical Issues in Sport and Recreation Management *3
HHPS 350Social Issues in Global Sport Economy3
HHPS 400Management of Sport & Recreation Organizations *3
HHPS 410Economics & Finance of Sport & Recreation *3
HHPS 420Marketing for Sport & Recreation3
HHPS 450Internship in Sport & Recreation Management. *6
Minor Required18
Suggested Minor in General Business ***
Required Electives:21
Introduction to Personal and Community Health
Foundations of Kinesiology
Concepts of Physical Activity
First Aid and Safety
Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
Principles of Micro Economics
US-Hum Anatomy/Physiology I (or other 3 hour US Science + 1 FRA course) **
Electronic Commerce
Administration of Kinesiology and Sports Programs
Total Hours120

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