Public Health B.S.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
HHPH 1304Introduction to Personal and Community Health3
HHPH 385GLB/Current Issues in Health3
MATH 453Essentials of Statistics3
HHPH 362Survey of Human Diseases3
HHPH 410Planning and Organization of Health Promotion3
HHPH 416Epidemiology3
HHPH 420Program Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion3
HHPH 430Health Disparities and Diverse Populations3
HHPH 495Internship and Seminar in Health Promotion ( )3
Required support courses
US-Hum Anatomy/Physiology I *
Hum Anatomy/Physiology II *
PSY 443Psychology of Death & Dying3
HHPH 382GLB/Social Justice and Health3
HHPH 492GLB/Health Policy3
Nutrition *
15 hours of electives required including:15
Substance Use & Abuse
Environmental and Safety Management
Minor required:24
Total Hours120

This course can be used to satisfy the Core Curriculum Requirements

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major. (This includes Support and Elective courses).

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