African American Studies Courses

AFAM 200 - Introduction to African American Studies
Hours: 3
This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to vital historical, social, economic, and cultural issues associated with people of African descent in the United States and their rich cultural legacy. Students will explore African Americans' historical and cultural roots from their African beginnings to the emergence of the modern fight for social and economic equality. Through assigned readings, class discussions, writing assignments, and documentaries, the course examines how African Americans develop distinctive social and cultural responses to chart an independent course and resist oppression in their struggle for equality.

AFAM 400 - Advanced Research in African American Studies
Hours: 3
This course offers junior/senior-level African American Studies students an opportunity to engage in original research and examine many of the foundational works used to underpin African American Studies. Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to produce a research paper, demonstrating mastery of the research techniques and resources presented during the semester. Students will: examine African American Studies foundational texts, frame an argument, and recognize the developing features of African American resistance and liberation. Prerequisites: Students must complete AFAM 200 and at least an additional 9sh of approved African American Studies courses.