Art MA

Master of Arts in Art with an Emphasis in Visual Communication Option II - Non Thesis

Research (3 semester hours)
ARTS 595Research Literature & Techniques3
Required Courses (18 semester hours)
ARTS 540Studio 1 Creative Method3
ARTS 542Studio 3 Design Writing3
ARTS 549Studio 9. User-centered Design Experience3
ARTS 507History of Graphic Design3
ARTS 511The History of American Typography3
ARTS 546Studio 7 Design Studio Processes3
Part A
Required Support Courses (9 semester hours)
ARTS 543Studio 4 Cross-Cultural3
ARTS 550Studio 10. Ideation, Process and Product3
ARTS 551Studio 11.Creative Promotion and Innovation 13
Part B
Required Support Courses (9 semester hours)
ARTS 502Design Teaching Methods3
ARTS 506Design Teaching Environment3
ARTS 541Studio 2 Design Education, Theory & Practice3
Total Hours30

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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