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Early Childhood Education Courses

ECE 313 - Child Development: Early Years
Hours: 3
(TECA 1354 non-advance credit) Child Development: Early Years. Three semester hours. This course examines theoretical and empirical research along with practical experience relating to young children. Cognitive, physical, social and affective developmental domains are explored and implications for curriculum design and learning environments are drawn.

ECE 358 - Language Acquisition & Development in Early Childhood Education
Hours: 3
This course explores the first and second language acquisition and development of elementary children, including English Language Learners, with special emphasis given to the nature and function of both oral and written language, theories of first and second language acquisition, language and cognition, developmental stages in learning to talk, dialectical and linguistic differences, and partnering with parents to foster language and literacy development.

ECE 364 - Theor Influencing Cld Dev
Hours: 3
(TECA 1311 non-advance credit) Survey of Theories Influencing Childhood Development. Three semester hours. This course provides a survey of learning theories and processes. Special emphasis will be placed on cognitive theory as related to learning and performance. Basic theories and beliefs will be linked to programs they have helped form. Special emphasis will be placed on current emerging theories of early childhood development.

ECE 366 - Learning Environments
Hours: 3
Learning Environments. Three semester hours. This course assists students in planning, designing and evaluating environments for young children. Early childhood organization, management, procedures and physical facilities are explored along with a survey of materials and equipment.

ECE 460 - Early Childhood Curric
Hours: 3
Early Childhood Curriculum. Three semester hours. This course emphasizes an integrated approach to early childhood curriculum development for young children. Relates early childhood pedagogy, research, and content area knowledge to thematic and inquiry curriculum design. Prerequisite: ECE 366.

ECE 489 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4