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Common Course Numbers

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In addition to the common course numbers which follow, CORE equivalencies sheets and Courtesy Evaluation are available from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Common Course Course Name A&M-Commerce Course
ACCT 2301Prin. of Acct. IACCT 221
ACCT 2302Princ. of Acct. IIACCT 222
AGRI 1329Prin. of Food Sci.FDSC 210
AGRI 1407AgronomyPlS 115
AGRI 1415HorticulturePLS 120
AGRI 1419Intro. Animal Sci.AnS 118
AGRI 2317Intro. Agri. Eco.AEC 219
AGRI 2321Livestock EvaluationANS 205
ANTH 2351Cult. AnthropologyAnth 114 (CORE)
ARTS 1301Art AppreciationART 1301 (CORE)
ARTS 1303Art History IART 1303 (CORE)
BA 128Business ComputerAppl MIS 128
BCIS 2332Advanced COBOL Prog.CSCI 233
BIOL 1409Human BiologyBSC 1409 (CORE)
BIOL 1411General BotanyBSC 1411 (CORE)
BIOL 1413General ZoologyBSC 1413 (CORE)
BIOL 2420Microbiology (Specialized)BSC 254
BIOL 2416GeneticsBSc 204
BIOL 2401Anatomy and Phys. IBSC 2401 (CORE)
BIOL 2402Anatomy and Phys. IIBSC 2402 (CORE)
BUSI 1301Intro. to BusinessBA 195
CHEM 1104Chem. Calc. ICHEM 101
CHEM 1405Intro. Chem. ICHEM 1305 and CHEM 1105
CHEM 1407Intro. Chem. IICHEM 1307 and CHEM 1107
CHEM 1411Gen. Chem. ICHEM 1311 and CHEM 111
CHEM 1412Gen. Chem. IICHEM 1312 and CHEM 1112
CHEM 2423Organic Chemi. ICHEM 2323 and CHEM 2123
CHEM 2425Organic Chemi. IICHEM 2325 and CHEM 2125
COMM 1307Int. Mass Comm.JOUR 1307 (CORE)
COMM 1335Survey of Radio/TVRTV 1335
COMM 2311News Gath/Writing IJOUR 214
COMM 2327Prin of AdvertisingJOUR 260
COMM 2331Radio/TV AnnouncingRTV 215
COSC 1301Intro. ComputingCSCI 126
COSC 1336Prog. Fundamentals ICSCI 151
COSC 1337Prog. Fundamentals IICSCI 152
COSC 2325Comp. Org. & Machine Lang.CSCI 241
COSC 2336Prog. Fundamentals IIICSCI 270
CRIJ 1301Intro. to Criminal JusticeCJ 101
CRIJ 2328Police System & PracticeCJ 201
DRAM 1310Intro. to TheatreTHE 1310 (CORE)
DRAM 1341MakeupTHE 218
DRAM 1351Acting ITHE 213
ECON 2301Prin. I—MacroECO 2301 (CORE)
ECON 2302Prin. II—MicroECO 2302 (CORE)
EDUC 1301Schools and SocietyELED 200
ENGL 1301CompositionENG 1301 (CORE)
ENGL 1302CompositionENG 1302 (CORE)
ENGL 2326American LitENG 2326(CORE)
ENGL 2331World LitENG 2331 (CORE)
ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics IIT 111
ENGR 1305Engineering Graphics IIIT 112
ENVR 1301Environmental Sci. IENVS 204
FREN 1311Beg. French IFRE 131
FREN 1312Beg. French IIFRE 132
FREN 2311Inter. French IFRE 231
FREN 2312Inter. French IIFRE 232
GEOL 1403General Geol. IESCI 1403 (CORE)
GOVT 2301Am. Govn. IPSCI 2301 (CORE)
GOVT 2302Am. Govn. IIPSCI 2302 (CORE)
HIST 1301U.S. History IHIST 1301 (CORE)
HIST 1302U.S. History IIHIST 1302 (CORE)
MATH 1314College Alg.MATH 1314 (CORE)
MATH 1350Fundamentals of Math IMATH 350*
MATH 1351Fundamentals of Math IIMATH 351*
MATH 2312Pre-Cal/Elem. Func.MATH 142
MATH 2413Calculus IMATH 2413 (CORE)
MATH 2414Calculus IIMATH 192
MATH 1325Business CalculusMATH 176
MATH 1324Math for BusinessMATH 1324 (CORE)
MUSI 1308Music Lit. IMUS 1308 (CORE)
MUSI 1309Music Lit. IIMUS 111
MUSI 1310American MusicMUS 1310 (CORE)
MUSI 1116Sight Sing IMUS 117
MUSI 1117Sight Sing IIMUS 127
MUSI 1181Class. Piano IMUS 136
MUSI 1182Class. Piano IIMUS 136
MUSI 1311Theory IMUS 115
MUSI 1312Theory IIMUS 125
MUSI 2116ET and SS IIIMUS 217
MUSI 2118ET and SS IVMUS 227
MUSI 2181Class. Piano IIIMUS 136
MUSI 2311Theory IIIMUS 215
MUSI 2312Theory IVMUS 225
PHED 1238Conc. of Phys. FitnessHHPK 154
PHED 1306First AidHHPH 211
PHED 1301Int./P.E.HHPK 144
PHED 2356Care & Prev. Athletic InjuriesHHPK 213
PHIL 1301Introduction to PhilPHIL 1301 (CORE)
PHIL 2303Intro. to LogicPhil 251
PHYS 1412Intro. Astronomy IIASTR 1412 (CORE)
PHYS 1401College Phy. IPHYS 1301 and PHYS 1101
PHYS 1402College Phy. IIPHYS 1302 and PHYS 1102
PHYS 1411Astronomy of Solar SystemASTR 1411
PHYS 1415Physical Sci. IIS 1415 (CORE)
PHYS 1417Physical Sci. IIIS 1417 (CORE)
PHYS 2425Univ. Phy IPHYS 2425 (CORE)
PHYS 2426Univ. Phy. IIPHYS 2426 (CORE)
PSYC 2301General Psyc.PSY 2301 (CORE)
PSYC 2306Human SexualityPSY 2306 (CORE)
PSYC 2315Psych. of Human Adjust.PSY 2315 (CORE)
SOCI 1301Intro. to Socio.SOC 1301 (CORE)
SOCI 1306Contemp. Soc. Prob.SOC 1306 (CORE)
SOCW 2361Intro to Social WorkSWK 225
SPAN 1311Beg. Span. ISPA 131
SPAN 1312Beg. Span. IISPA 132
SPAN 2311Inter. Span. ISPA 231
SPAN 2312Inter. Span. IISPA 232
SPCH 1315Intro. to Speech Comm.SPC 1315 (CORE)
SPCH 1321Bus. & Public Spkg.SPC 1321 (CORE)
SPCH 1342Voice and Diction ISPC 112
SPCH 2341Oral InterpretationTHE 211
TECA 1303Family and CommunityELED 200
TECA 1311Intro Early Child EducationECE 364*
TECA 1318Nutrition, Health, SafetyKine 324*
TECA 1354Child Growth & DevECE 313*

Non-Advance Credit