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Criminal Justice Second Major

Students choosing a second major in Criminal Justice must complete minimum of 34 semester hours, including 24 advanced hours.

Complete the following courses
CJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justi3
CJ 201Police & Law Enforcement3
CJ 326Juvenile Delinquency3
or CJ 328 Juvenile Justice System
CJ 330Crime & Criminology3
CJ 301Criminal Investigation3
CJ 430Courts and Criminal Procedure3
or CJ 431 Criminal Law
CJ 468Correctional Systems3
or CJ 478 Community-Based Corrections
CJ 470Criminal Justice Internship I3
or CJ 480 Senior Sem in Criminal Justice
SOC 331Intro to Social Research3
SOC 332Mthds of Stat Analys4
SOC 320Deviant Behavior3
or SOC 370 Minority Groups
Total Hours34

Other Requirements

  1. A Grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses required for the second major
  2. Fifteen Semester hours of Criminal Justice courses must be taken at Texas A&M University-Commerce
  3. Courses transferred in from a Community College may not count for 300-400 level course