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Secondary School (7-12) English/Language Arts/Reading B.A.

Secondary and All-Level Education

See for information: Secondary and All-Level Education

Teacher Certification, 7-12 English/Language Arts/Reading

Students in the Secondary English/Language Arts/Reading (7-12) program must meet all of the following department criteria in order to be approved to go into their internship semester. Students who fail to meet the department criteria will have to fulfill a department remediation plan before they can be approved for internship.

  1. A “B” or higher grade in Secondary English TExES-designated classes: ENG 300 Reading, Analyzing, Teaching Literature, ENG 333 Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction, and ENG 403 The Discipline of English or ENG 420 Approaches to Literature.
  2. No more than one “C” grade in any English course.
  3. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the upper-level (300-400) English courses.
  4. A THEA Reading Score of 250.
Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
ENG 300Reading, Analyzing, Teaching Literature3
ENG 311Shakespeare3
ENG 333Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction3
ENG 399Literary and Research Methods3
ENG 441A Survey of American Literature I3
ENG 442A Survey of American Literature II3
ENG 471Survey of Eng Lit I3
ENG 472Survey of English Literature II3
ENG 301Modern Grammar *3
or ENG 424 Development of the English Language
ENG 403The Discipline of English3
or ENG 420 Approaches to Literature
Plus one course from:3
Women Writers
Language & Society
History and Aesthetics of Film **
Literature and Film **
African American Literature
Topics in World Literature
Plus one course from:3
Introduction to Linguistics *
Language & Society *
Language Acquisition and Processing
Teacher Education courses
ETEC 424Integrating Tech into Curricul3
RDG 380Comprehension and Vocabulary in Middle and High Schools3
SED 300Teaching Profession3
SED 400Pedagogy and Classroom Management in Field-based Environments3
SED 401Technology Infused Curriculum and Assessment in Field-based Environments3
SED 404Secondary Teaching Practicum3
SED 405Secondary Residency in Teaching6
Support Courses
Foreign Language12
PSY 300Learning Processes and Development3
SPED 346Survey of Exceptionalities3
or SPED 475 Collaboration, Accommodation, and Modification
Total Hours120

These three courses also apply to requirements for the ESL Endorsement and Bilingual Interdisciplinary.


Course may be used as both Core Curriculum Requirements  and major.