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Radio-Television B.A./B.S. - Emphasis in Digital Media Production

The Radio-Television major prepares graduates for careers in television broadcast announcing, writing, directing, management, editing, and production.  In addition, students are prepared for audio/video production at advertising agencies, independent production houses and corporate communication facilities. A graduate should be competent in the ability to announce and speak with confidence for radio and television broadcast; to write, direct, manage and produce programming for radio, television and video; and to possess an understanding of the role of broadcasting in today’s U.S. and global cultures.

  1. Students will develop the ability to write effectively for TV, radio and Internet news, commercials and entertainment programming.
  2. Students will develop the ability to shoot/record and edit video and audio for TV, radio and online media.
  3. Students will be knowledgeable about the history and foundations of U.S. broadcasting and other electronic media.
Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Courses
Core courses
JOUR 1307US-Mass Commun in Society3
or RTV 1335 US-Stud in Elec Comm
RTV 101Multimedia Writing3
RTV 420Multimedia Portfolio3
JOUR 336Media Law3
Digital Media Production Sequence
RTV 151Communication Technology3
RTV 215Media Performance3
RTV 221Basic Audio Production and Radio Programming3
RTV 320Broadcast Writing3
RTV 322Film-Style Shooting & Editing3
RTV 332Advanced Digital Video Production3
RTV 360Digital Audio Production3
RTV 440Broadcast & Digital Journalism3
RTV 453Social Media Marketing3
Choose one from:3
Pro Seminar & Portfolio
Electro Media Sales/Operations
Choose one from:3
Sports Media
Communication Research Methods & Theory
US-Ethics in the Media
US-Studies in Human/Comm
Required Minor
Minimum 18 hours required in the Minor18
Minimum 11 hours of electives required11
Required Electives
RTV 109Media Operations I1
RTV 209Media Operations II1
RTV 309 Media Operations III1
RTV 409 Media Operations IV1
Total Hours120