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BFA in Studio Art with All-Level Certification


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art with All-level Teacher Certification is a 137 credit hour limited access program that provides an intensive background in theoretical knowledge and professional skills. BFA students will develop a personal vision, a high level of competence in technique, and harness the ability to make sound artistic decisions. The BFA in Studio Art is a proficiency-based program, characterized by continuous assessment. Graduating BFA seniors exhibit their work at the Texas A&M University-Commerce University Gallery in their last semester.

To receive a degree in BFA Studio Art with All-level Teacher Certification, students must successfully complete a minimum 137 credit hours and meet all certification criteria listed below. Students must also remain in the program for a minimum of three long semesters. Students must apply for admission into the “Practicum” course, culminating in an advancement review and graduation exhibition. The Practicum course is offered each spring with reviews scheduled each fall.

Students admitted to the BFA program are exempt from any foreign language requirement. Students in the BFA major are not required to select a minor. The adviser can provide additional guidance with regard to entrance and degree requirements.

Academic Performance and Retention

Students are required to have a C or above in all foundation courses to maintain good standing in the Department of Art.  The work and progress of students pursuing baccalaureate degrees will be evaluated both within the classes they take and by the departmental standards established for each major programmatic area (BA in Art, BFA in Studio Art, BFA in Visual Communication).   

The Department of Art reserves the right to discontinue enrollment of art majors at any time if satisfactory academic progress is not being made.  Students who have accumulated three unsatisfactory grades (U, D or F) in studio art or visual communication courses at A&M-Commerce or elsewhere may not be permitted to continue, be readmitted, or graduate with a degree in art.  Courses with grades of D or F may be repeated for a grade of C or higher only once.  

After completion of ALL degree and certification requirements, students must apply for the teaching certificate online at the SBEC web page . Requirements that must be met prior to filing for certification:

  • Continued admission and retention in the Teacher Education Program.
  • Successful completion of all requirements listed on the degree or deficiency plan, including required GPA's and appropriate tests (i.e., ExCET/TExES and TOPT).
    NOTE:  Degree must be conferred by the university.

Certification Application Procedures:

  1. Go to SBEC website at (Click on "New User? Create New Account" if you are a first-time user.)
  2. Follow directions on web page to apply for certificate. You are applying for your "Standard" teaching certificate. You have completed a "University-Based" program.
  3. Send appropriate fees to SBEC.
  4. Complete all requirements of the National criminal history background check.

* You will receive an email confirmation from SBEC after the university has completed its recommendation. Please DO NOT call to check status. This can be checked online. Once all activities have successfully been performed, SBEC will process the issuing of the certificate. The certificate will be issued and placed on the SBEC website under the "Official Record for Educator Certificates," and a paper certificate will be printed and mailed to the student at the address provided.

Note: Records that are not fully processed within 60 days will be deleted. If deleted, you will be required to file again through SBEC Online.

BFA Studio Art with All-Level Certification

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Courses
ART 110Drawing I3
ART 111Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory3
ART 112Drawing II3
ART 140Three-Dimensional Design & Color Theory3
ART 141Intro to Shop Safety1
ART 213Figure Drawing3
PHO 111Introduction to Digital Media3
PHO 112Basic Photography I3
GLB/History of Art I *
GLB/History of Art II *
ART 404GLB/History of Contemporary Art3
ART 405History of Modern Art3
ART 380Experimental Concepts3
Sophomore Studio Courses12
12 sh from:
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Painting
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Sculpture
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Video
Introduction to Visual Communication
3 sh from:3
Watercolor I
Painting II: Introduction to Basic Concepts in Painting
Painting III - Intermediate Concepts in Painting
Painting IV: Advanced Concepts in Painting
3 sh from:3
Sculpture I A
Sculpture I B
Sculpture II A
3 sh from:3
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Ceramics III
16 additional semester hours in advanced Art, Art History, or Photography courses.16
Required Support Courses
One semester Field-Based Teacher Education Program:
ETEC 424Integrating Tech into Curricul3
PSY 300Learning Processes and Development3
RDG 380Comprehension and Vocabulary in Middle and High Schools3
SED 300Teaching Profession3
SED 400Pedagogy and Classroom Management in Field-based Environments3
SED 401Technology Infused Curriculum and Assessment in Field-based Environments3
SED 404Secondary Teaching Practicum3
SED 405Secondary Residency in Teaching6
Total Hours137

 Also counts for Core Curriculum Requirements Visual and Performing Arts requirement.