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Social Work B.S.W.

The major consists of 60 sh, 54 sh of which are in social work. The remainder are supporting disciplines of psychology and sociology. A second major or a minor is not required for social work majors.

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree as Social Work major must complete:

  1. degree requirements for a Bachelor of Social Work degree and
  2. Core Curriculum Requirements (refer to that section of this catalog)

The Social Work Program requires that the social/behavioral science course be ANTH; and that students take one course in human biology (BSC) or two semesters of human anatomy and physiology, or HHPK 172 SYSTEMS OF THE HUMAN BODY may be substituted if the student has previously completed two 4hr labs sciences.

The professional foundation in social work education is built on a liberal arts perspective. Students will be expected to have finished most Core Curriculum requirements coursework before admission to the Social Work Program.

To ensure that the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for beginning generalist social work practice are acquired and integrated by the student in an orderly progression, the curriculum is carefully sequenced. Prerequisites and concurrent enrollment requirements are strictly observed.

Due to the complexity of the curriculum, students are expected to obtain advisement by a social work faculty member prior to registration each semester.

Core Curriculum courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
SWK 225Introduction to Social Work3
SWK 250Foundations for Practice3
SWK 275Human Behavior and the Social Environment I3
SWK 322Human Behavior and the Social Environment II3
SWK 325Social Work Practice with Mezzo Systems3
SWK 328Social Welfare Policy and Services3
SWK 329Social Work Practice with Micro Systems3
SWK 331Social Work Practice with Macro Systems3
SWK 340Global Perspectives of Human Welfare3
SWK 348Promoting Mental Health Across Populations3
SWK 350Social Work Research Methods3
SWK 370Writing and Technology Skills in Social Work3
SWK 422Integration of Practice3
SWK 424Generalist Practice in the Field3
SWK 425Field Instruction I3
SWK 426Field Instruction II6
PSY 2301Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 1301Introduction to Sociology3
US-World Cultures: Perspectives from Anthropology **
US - Human Biology: Structure and Function (or BSC 2401 and BSC 2402) **
Social Work Elective Required
Choose 3 hours from:3
Child Welfare
Issues in Family Treatment
Human Service Careers with Children
Special Topics
Electives Required
18 hours of electives are required18
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all Social Work courses, PSY 2301 and SOC 1301. A three or four semester hour course in Human Biology or eight semester hours of Human Anatomy and Physiology are required, or HHPH/HHPK 172 may be substituted if the student has previously completed two 4hr labs sciences. A GPA of 2.5 or greater is required for admissions to this major and graduation with a BSW degree.


A second major or a minor are not required for students selecting this major.


 This course will satisfy the core curriculum requirement.