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Broadfield Science with a Major in Physics B.A./ B.S.

Physics B.A./B.S. w/6-12 Physical Science Certification

The Physics B.A./B.S. w/6-12 Physical Science Certification is designed for students who wish to teach Physical Science at the middle or high school level.  It provides a broad but rigorous background in the physics and chemistry needed by successful teachers, and includes an advanced physics education course designed specifically for majors in this program.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Teacher Certification, 6-12 Physical Science
Required courses in the major
PHYS 101Physics and Astronomy Seminar1
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
PHYS 2426University Physics II4
PHYS 317Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering3
PHYS 321Modern Physics3
PHYS 333Wave Motion, Acoustics, and Optics4
PHYS 345Teaching and Learning Physics3
PHYS 371Science and Math Education Theory and Practice (Total of 2 hours)2
or PHYS 401 Current Topics in Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 411Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 412Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 420Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS Elective (ADV)3
CHEM 101General Chemistry Tutorial I1
CHEM 102General Chemistry Tutorial II1
CHEM 1111General and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I1
General and Quantitative Chemistry I *
CHEM 1112General and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory II1
General and Quantitative Chemistry II *
CHEM 2323Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2123Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
Teacher Education courses (LeoTeach Sequence)
PSY 300Learning Processes and Development3
SED 330Roles and Responsibilities of Professional STEM Educators3
SED 331Instructional Design for Student Engagement in STEM3
SED 332Project Based Learning in STEM3
RDG 380Comprehension and Vocabulary in Middle and High Schools3
SED 400Pedagogy and Classroom Management in Field-based Environments3
SED 401Technology Infused Curriculum and Assessment in Field-based Environments3
SED 404Secondary Teaching Practicum3
SED 405Secondary Residency in Teaching6
Support courses
Calculus I *
Calculus II *
Total Hours120

 This course should be used to satisfy the core curriculum requirements.