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Pre-Pharmacy students usually take two years of general education and basic sciences courses and then transfer to a pharmacy school for three additional years of study to complete the degree. Requirements for admission differ among the various pharmacy schools. The student should obtain a catalog from the pharmacy school of his or her choice and consult the pre-pharmacy advisor.

The following general curriculum is presented for the student’s guidance:
Freshman IHours
BSC 14064
BSC 14074
CHEM 14114
CHEM 14124
MATH 1314 or 1423
Freshman IIHours
PE Activity2
HIST 13013
HIST 13023
ECO 23013
Sophomore IHours
BSC 2544
CHEM 2114
CHEM 2124
PSCI 23013
PSCI 23023
PHYS 14014
PHYS 14024
Sophomore IIHours
PE Activity2
ENG 13013
ENG 13023
ENG 23263
MATH 453 or BA 3023
Total Hours: 73

Two Texas pharmacy schools require 3 sh of calculus.