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Theatre Courses

THE 511 - Dramatic Theory
Hours: 3
Dramatic Theory. Three semester hours. Studies of the major documents in the evolution of dramatic theory, from classical foundations through major movements to contemporary criticism.

THE 512 - Theatre Management
Hours: 3
Theatre Management. Three semester hours. Study of the practical problems of operating educational and community theatres. Problems of organization, business, and audience development are explored.

THE 518 - Thesis
Hours: 3-6
Thesis. Six semester hours.

THE 520 - Film Production Elements
Hours: 3
Film Production Elements - Three semester hours This course provides an understanding of the digital world of moviemaking and an overview of major production areas of film making: sound design, production design, and lighting for cinematography. The digital moviemaking segment shows the impact of digital and networked technology on cinematic narrative. Sound design involves identifying sound elements in film, acquiring sounds through external sources or self-creation, and manipulating sounds in coordination with visual elements. Production design helps students understand the artistic look of a film. The lighting component gives students experience with the technical use and aesthetic applications of lighting for digital film making.

THE 525 - Film-Style Production
Hours: 3
Film-Style Production - Three semester hours The course is intended to give students the ability to translate the written screenplay into a narrative film using digital filmmaking techniques, while incorporating an understanding of film theory. An intensive workshop in narrative directing and film production techniques. Students apply skills and knowledge covered in other courses to implement script material into production of a short digital film using techniques of visual storytelling, production design, sound design, lighting design, basic cinematography, and the related issues of casting and rehearsals

THE 529 - Workshop
Hours: 3
Workshop. Three or six semester hours.

THE 530 - Documentary Production
Hours: 3
Documentary Production - Three semester hours This course focuses on directing and producing documentaries. Beginning with a historical review of significant documentaries and types, the course helps students use this history and theory to be able to produce a semester-long, professional quality documentary project. A combination of workshops and screenings will supplement discussions and analysis to help students understand the difference in storytelling techniques of documentaries compared to narrative films, while also appreciating aspects of film structure that pertain to both documentary and narrative.

THE 541 - Seminar Stage Direct
Hours: 3
Seminar in Stage Direction. Three semester hours. A study of theories and techniques of producing the play: style, genre, movement, business, and visual components.

THE 542 - Dev Mod Theatre
Hours: 3
Development of Modern Theatre. Three semester hours. A survey of the modern theatre from the rise of Naturalism to the present day, with attention being given to the theatrical conditions and changing intellectual climate of the Twentieth Century.

THE 543 - Dev Amer Theatre
Hours: 3
Development of American Theatre. Three semester hours. A study of the theatre as it reflects the social, artistic, and literary interests in America from the colonial period to the contemporary scene.

THE 544 - Playwriting
Hours: 3
Playwriting. Three semester hours. An individual study of dramatic theory, development of the script, and analysis of original scenes and plays. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

THE 545 - Stage Lighting
Hours: 3
Stage Lighting. Three semester hours. Theory of color, optics, electrical instruments, and control for stage production and television.

THE 550 - Theatrical Design
Hours: 3
Theatrical Design - Three semester hours Advanced work that examines theatrical design styles and their place in the collaborative process. Students study the technologies, theories, history, and individual designers essential to the understanding of the theatrical design process.

THE 560 - Acting
Hours: 3
Acting. Three semester hours. Intensive approach to acting styles to help the advanced student (1) sharpen technical skills; (2) gain experience in problem-solving situations for the actor; and (3) increase awareness of the complexities of the actor's craft. Memorized scene work; exercises in language, movement and characterization.

THE 561 - Meisner Acting I
Hours: 3
Through exercises, performance activities, presentations, and written reflection, this course provides the graduate student with a practical introduction to Sanford Meisner’s approach to actor training.

THE 562 - Meisner Acting II
Hours: 3
For the student-actor who has previously acquired a working knowledge of the foundational principles of Sanford Meisner’s approach to actor training, this course provides more advanced instruction in the following concepts: emotional preparation, interpretation, the personalization of text, the deeper wish and spine, personalizing the deeper wish, doings and personalizing the doings, provocative statements, and key facts.

THE 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Independent Study. One to four semester hours. Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.

THE 595 - Research Lit & Techniques
Hours: 3
Research Literature and Techniques. Three semester hours. A review of current research publications in theatre with emphasis on methodologies used. The student is required to research and write a formal paper using current research methodologies.

THE 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 3
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.

THE 599 - Rehearsal and Performance
Hours: 3
Rehearsal and Performance. Three semester hours. Preparation and performance, with laboratory, of Summer Theatre, touring, indoor and outdoor productions. Techniques, practices, problems, and processes in lighting, costume, scenic, sound, management, and acting for the graduate student.