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Safety Management Track Courses

SMGT 521 - Ergonomics
Hours: 3
Ergonomics is the field of study that involves the application of knowledge about human capacities and limitations to the design of workplaces, jobs task, tools equipment, and the environment. Ergonomics is essentially fitting the workplace to the worker. To meet this premise, this course provides specific critical analysis through interactive classroom lectures to cumulative trauma, disorders, defining ergonomics, identifying and recognizing ergonomic risk factors in the workplace. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.

SMGT 522 - Human Risk Management
Hours: 3
An advanced study of the management of occupational safety and risk as applied to a business/industrial environment. Includes risk models, perception and safety behavior, human error, personality & risk liability, attitudes, values, and risk behavior, stress, managing safety teams, leadership for safety performance, managing human risks, and safety culture. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.

SMGT 523 - Industrial Hygiene & Safety Management
Hours: 3
An advanced study of industrial hygiene and the application of scientific and engineering principles to the analysis of processes, equipment, products, facilities, and environments in order to optimize safety and health effectiveness for private, stat and federal safety programs. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.

SMGT 524 - System Safety
Hours: 3
A study of the specialized integration of safety skills and resources into all phases of a System's Life Cycle. Topics include system safety analyses, probability theory & statistics, PHA sub-system & hazard analysis operating & support analysis energy trace & barrier analysis, FMEA, fault-hazard, fault-tree, MORT, HAZOP, and accident analysis & prevention. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.

SMGT 527 - Life Safety and Hazard Control
Hours: 3
Advanced study of Life safety & Fire Codes, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of transportation, National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health and other federal legislation designed for hazard recognition, evaluation, and control. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.

SMGT 528 - Legal Aspects of Occupational and Environmental Health
Hours: 3
Advanced study of the legal aspects of safety and occupational health and environmental law. Study includes Clean Air Act: Clean Water Act: Oil Pollution Act: Safe Drinking Water Act: Toxic Substances Control Act: Pesticides; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; Underground Storage Tanks; Federal Facilities Compliance Act; National Environmental Policy Act; Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act; Emergency Planning and Community Right-to Know Act; Pollution Prevention Act; and the Occupational Safety Health Act. Case studies are utilized. Prerequisites: TMGT 595.