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Health & Human Perfor Courses

Hours: 3
Curriculum Construction in Health and Kinesiology. Three semester hours (Same as HHPK 510). A study of trends and current practices in curriculum construction and revision in programs of health and kinesiology in secondary and collegiate settings. The total program, as well as grade placement and units of instruction is studied. Provision is made for the inclusion of knowledge and skills necessary for educating exceptional learners.

HHPH 512 - Critic Issue in Envrmtal Hlth
Hours: 3
Critical Issues in Environmental Health. Three semester hours. An introduction to key environmental health issues and challenges in resource limited settings which are characteristic of many developing nations. Examines principles and methods, risk factors, prevention and control, and policies related to the aspects of human health determined by biological, physical, and chemical factors in the environment

HHPH 514 - Global Perspective of Nutrition
Hours: 3
This course examines malnutrition and how it occurs by analyzing several situations from around the world. Covers how nutrition can affect society and community and examines benefits of well-nourished populations. Analyzes major food and nutritional issues that affect health, survival, and human development in resource-limited settings.

Hours: 3-6
Thesis. Six semester hours. (Same as HHPK 518).

Hours: 3-6
Workshop. Three or six semester hours. (Same as HHPK 529). A workshop in kinesiology, health education, recreation or sports studies.

Hours: 3
Nutrition and Optimal Performance. Three semester hours. A study of nutrition as it relates to optimum performance and health. Nutrient need, sources, functions and interactions are reviewed according to the latest scientific findings. Principles of body conditioning are emphasized with attention to diet and lifestyle practices that promote health and decrease risks of nutrition related diseases.

HHPH 537 - Intership Health Prom
Hours: 3
Supervised Internship as selected community, public or private health agencies.

HHPH 544 - Health Prom Adm and Mgmt
Hours: 3
Health Prom Adm and Mgmt. A consideration of managing health/fitness programs at the workplace and in other agencies. Includes budgeting, revenue, personnel, emergency procedures and safety, legal liability, facility management staff development, marketing record keeping, policies and procedures, and various management strategies.

HHPH 547 - GLB/Health Psychology
Hours: 3
An examination of the contributions of psychological research performed to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of a variety of health concerns. The biopsychosocial model of health and illness will be emphasized. Social, emotional, behavioral, biological, and spiritual factors that influence health in a global environment will be explored.

HHPH 550 - Health Prom w/Spec Popula
Hours: 3
Identify study of health care issues relevant to at-risk populations/communities and to facilitate health promotion/disease prevention activities.

HHPH 585 - Prog Design in Health Prom
Hours: 3
A study of necessary skills for the development, delivery, and evaluation of health programs to targeted populations. Courses of study, workshop planning, and special programs will be developed for appropriate target group.

Hours: 3
Identification and Utilization of Health Resources. Three semester hours. A study of private practitioners, commercial, voluntary, and government agencies at the local, state, and national levels which provide health services. Emphasis placed upon the utilization of these resources in the health instruction and health service programs.

Hours: 1-4
Independent Study. One to four semester hours. Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.

Hours: 3
Health and Kinesiology: Teaching Design, Strategies, and Assessment. Three semester hours (Same as HHPK 590). A comparison, and contrast of various teaching strategies and designs appropriate for the health and kinesiology teaching environment. Additional study will include pedagogical assessment techniques for health and kinesiology.

HHPH 591 - Seminar
Hours: 1-3
Reports and discussions of topics of current interest in health and human performance.

Hours: 3
Critiquing & Conducting Research. Three semester hours (Same as HHPK 595). A study of research methods and designs appropriate for proposing, conducting, reading, reporting, and critiquing research in health, kinesiology and sports studies. A major emphasis will be on conducting meta-analysis of research literature. Each student is required to demonstrate systematic research techniques through the investigation and formal reporting of an independent research project using either a meta-analysis, descriptive, or experimental research design.

HHPH 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 4
Special Topics

Hours: 3
A focuses on current health issues facing the world community. An epidemiological approach will be used in studying the causes and distribution of health related states and events in specified populations and the application of this information to the prevention and/or control of health problems.

Hours: 3-12