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Marketing MS

Master of Science in Marketing - Option II Non-Thesis

Foundation Study in Marketing and Management
These courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.
MKT 501Marketing Environment3
MGT 501Operations and Organizations3
FIN 501Finance for Decision Makers3
Support Coursework Outside of Marketing (6 semester hours)
FIN 504Financial Management3
MGT 585Management & Organizational Behavior3
Advanced Breadth in Marketing Management (15 semester hours)
MKT 521GLB/Marketing Management3
MKT 571Business to Business Marketing3
MKT 572Seminar in Marketing Research3
MKT 586GLB/International Marketing3
MGT 527GLB/Strategic Management (should be taken in last semester)3
Research Component (3 semester hours required)
ECO 595Applied Business Research3
Should be taken in the student’s first semester of core courses in the marketing orientation of the MS degree plan
Specialized Courses in Marketing
Choose 2 courses (6 semester hours)
MKT 545Small Bus. Brand Mgt3
MKT 568Advertising and Promotion3
MKT 573Internet Marketing3
Total Hours30


Other graduate courses may be approved by the Graduate Programs in Business & Technology Advising Center, provided the student has a minimum of 6 courses (18 semester hours) in Marketing.

MKT 500 - Comp Exam
Hours: 0

MKT 501 - Marketing Environment
Hours: 3
Marketing Environment. Three semester hours. A study of the marketing environment of business with emphasis on major aspects of sociocultural, demographic, technological, global, legal, political, and ethical issues. The study of marketing emphasizes the functional areas of marketing including product and service selection and development, marketing channels, promotion, and pricing. Marketing research, consumer behavior, industrial buying and international implications are also considered.

MKT 521 - GLB/Marketing Management
Hours: 3
A comprehensive study of the effective application of marketing strategies in international and domestic organizations. A case analysis approach and current professional literature are utilized. Prerequisite: MKT 306.

MKT 545 - Small Bus. Brand Mgt
Hours: 3
Small Business Brand Management - Three semester hours This course is a study of the core concepts of marketing as applied to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with emphasis on effectively branding the business. It is designed to prepare students with the skills and requisite knowledge that are necessary to start and run a small business. You also are exposed to important business principles and tools that make the foundation of organizational settings. Pre-requisite: MKT 521

MKT 567 - Consumer Marketing
Hours: 3
Consumer Marketing - Three semester hours This course is designed to provide MBA students with the KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING and/or APPRECIATION of the mindset of the global consumer. This involves looking into the dynamic environment of the consumer, the consumer buying process and the important psychological as well as sociological variables that influence and motivate today’s global consumer. Pre-requisite: MKT 521

MKT 568 - Advertising and Promotion
Hours: 3
Advertising and Promotion. Three semester hours. An extensive study of the managerial role of decision-making in the promotion of commercial products and services. Contemporary problems of adaptation and development of promotional programs will be analyzed by institutions, government, nonprofit organizations, and consumers with emphasis on the relationship of company goals, ethics, and evaluation methods. Prerequisite: MKT 521 or 491.

MKT 571 - Business to Business Marketing
Hours: 3
Business-to-Business Marketing. Three semester hours. This course gives students a thorough understanding of how key marketing concepts apply to institutional markets. Students will learn to develop an appreciation of the way standard marketing approaches can be modified to fit the needs of a customer base comprised of large corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises. The course focuses on the managerial process involved in identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities to effectively serve industrial markets.

MKT 572 - Seminar in Marketing Research
Hours: 3
Seminar in Marketing Research. Three semester hours. This course emphasizes the analysis of marketing research information as an aid to decision making. It will provide students with a working knowledge of the analytical tools available to market researchers and managers. Techniques of data collection, evaluation of alternative sources of information, and the methods for evaluating data and presenting results are covered. The course also deals with how to define information needs, the use of test marketing procedures and the role of models in decision making. Prerequisite: BA 595 or consent of instructor.

MKT 573 - Internet Marketing
Hours: 3
Internet Marketing. Three semester hours. This course exposes students to key marketing applications relevant to the use of Internet technologies. The goal of the course is to give students the necessary background of concepts, technologies, and applications required for marketing-related activities in the rapidly growing electronic commerce industry. Example topic areas: Topics around which discussions may focus include: E-Corporation, Internet technologies, online advertising, online retailing, customer acquisition, customer service, and marketing to e-customers.

MKT 574 - CRM
Hours: 3
Customer Relationship Management - Three semester hours This class will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by a popular business practice - Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is considered the new "mantra" of marketing. It focuses on maximizing customer value. This is accomplished by the development and management of cooperative and collaborative relationships. MKT 521

MKT 580 - Marketing - Internship
Hours: 4
The goal of this course is to gain relevant work experience in the student's field of study by developing specific work related skills to improve marketability upon graduation. Students will also build a "network" of professional contacts.

MKT 586 - GLB/International Marketing
Hours: 3
A study of the significance of international trade for imports and exports. Adaptation to different cultures and ethics for global competition in U.S. markets are extensively analyzed. Prerequisite: MKT 521.

MKT 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 3
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisites: Consent of department head.

Hours: 1-4
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.

MKT 599 - Internship in Elec Commerce
Hours: 3
Internship in Electronic Commerce. Three semester hours. This course provides the student with an opportunity to obtain professional experience in an electronic business under the direction of a university faculty member.