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Business Administration MBA

It is not required to have a business undergraduate degree to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA).  All candidates must take the 6 Managerial component courses, 2 Informational Analysis Component courses, and 2 electives.  Those without appropriate background course credit will be required to take the pre-requisite in each non-fulfilled area.  Minimum program length for the General MBA is 30 semester hours; maximum program length is 48 hours.

Master of Business Administration in Business Administration - Option II Non-Thesis

Generally, for students who have completed the following body of knowledge at the undergraduate level, the 30-hour format is appropriate.

Undergraduate Background Requirements: ACCT 221 Principles of Acct I, ACCT 222 Principles of Accounting II, ECO 2301 GLB/US-Prin Macro Economics, ECO 2302 Principles of Micro Economics, FIN 304 Introduction to Business Finance, BA 302 Business and Eco Statistics, MGT 305 GLB/Principles of Management , MGT 307 GLB/Operations Management and MKT 306 Marketing.

30-Hour Format
The general MBA program includes a 6-course managerial component, a 2-course information analysis component, and 2 elective courses as detailed below.
48-Hour Format
For individuals who have not completed the above listed undergraduate background requirements, the 48-hour format is appropriate. Credit will be given for previously completed courses. The program structure is similar to the 30-hour format with the same Managerial, Information Analysis, and elective components.
Background Courses
Background courses (pre-requisites) cannot be used to satisfy elective requirements for degree in the College of Business.
Courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.
ACCT 501Accounting for Managers3
ECO 501Economics for Decision Makers3
FIN 501Finance for Decision Makers3
ECO 502Quantitative Analysis for Managers 3
MGT 501Operations and Organizations3
MKT 501Marketing Environment3
MBA 30 semester hours
Managerial Component (18 semester hours)
ACCT 525Adv Managerial Accounting3
ECO 562Managerial Economics3
or ECO 576 Macroeconomics for Managers
FIN 504Financial Management3
MGT 585Management & Organizational Behavior3
MKT 521GLB/Marketing Management3
MGT 527GLB/Strategic Management3
*Course must be taken in student's final semester.
Information Analysis Component (6 semester hours)
ECO 578Statistical Methods 3
ECO 595Applied Business Research3
Recommended to be taken in student's first semester.
Elective Component
Two elective courses complete the 30-hour program requirements. Graduate level electives may be taken from any combination of business fields (Acct, Eco, Fin, BA, Mgt, Busa, and Mkt).6
Total Hours30

Minor Areas of Concentration

At least 12 advanced hours must be completed in an academic field (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning, International Business, Marketing, Corporate Management & Entrepreneurship) to meet the requirements for a minor concentration area. The details of each particular minor are shown below.

At least 4 courses from Accounting: Includes
ACCT 525Adv Managerial Accounting3
At least 4 courses from Economics: Includes
ECO 562Managerial Economics3
ECO 576Macroeconomics for Managers3
4 courses from Finance
FIN 504Financial Management3
FIN 510Investment Seminar3
Plus 2 courses from the following
FIN 530Fundamentals of Financial Planning3
FIN 533Applied Financial & Economic Forecasting3
FIN 520Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital3
FIN 550Portfolio Management in Excel3
FIN 571International Business Finance3
Financial Planning
4 courses from Finance
12 semester hours from
FIN 504Financial Management3
FIN 510Investment Seminar3
FIN 530Fundamentals of Financial Planning3
FIN 536Advanced Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits3
or FIN 534 Advanced Risk, Insurance, and Estate Planning
International Business
Any 4 courses from:
ECO 528International Economic Problems 3
FIN 571International Business Finance3
MGT 590GLB/Global Competitiveness3
MKT 586GLB/International Marketing3
At least 4 courses from Marketing: Includes9
MKT 521GLB/Marketing Management3
Corporate Management
4 electives from list:
Choose from:
MGT 550Corporate Governance & Sustainability3
MGT 555Project Management3
MGT 567Managing Groups & Teams3
MGT 583Seminar in Leadership3
MGT 586Managing at the Edge3
MGT 587Executive Development3
MGT 590GLB/Global Competitiveness3
MGT 592Current Issues in HRM3
MGT 594Transforming Organizations3
MGT 597SPECIAL TOPICS (with advisor approval)1-4
4 electives from list:
MGT 530The Entrepreneur3
MGT 555Project Management3
MGT 570New Venture Management3
FIN 520Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital3
MKT 573Internet Marketing3
BUSA 516Mobile Business3
MGT 597SPECIAL TOPICS (with advisor approval)1-4

BA 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Independent Study. One to four semester hours. Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.

BA 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 3
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.