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BUSA Courses

BUSA 501 - Intro to Business Analytics
Hours: 3
This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of the role of big data and business analytics in today’s dynamic organizational environment. Students will learn how business analytics can be leveraged by organizations to gain competitive advantage.

BUSA 512 - Big Data Strategies
Hours: 3
This course teaches graduate students the process of analyzing big data and discovering new information to support management decision making. Topics include the analysis of production data, analysis and management, supply chain data analysis, marketing research analysis and customer relationship data analysis.

BUSA 516 - Mobile Business
Hours: 3
This course covers mobile apps development, the management of mobile solutions and mobile analytics for decision makers.

BUSA 521 - Project Management
Hours: 3
This course addresses problem-solving of complex projects where the use of data driven analytical skills yields real-world experience. As a team, students will be given the context of a business situation, and then asked to identify relevant tools and analytic frameworks to gain both insights into past and present operations, as well as predictions of future performance. Topics include but are not limited to resource management (time, money, and people), change management, quality control, risk management, leadership, and communication. Prerequisites: Must be taken in last semester. All core courses must be completed, ECO 595, ECO 578, MKT 572, BUSA 542, BUSA 526, BUSA 532, BUSA 537.

BUSA 523 - Business Analytics Programming
Hours: 3
Introduces graduate students to programming business applications in the large enterprise system environment. Programming logic and design, documentation, debugging and testing.

BUSA 526 - Data Base Management
Hours: 3
This course provides a foundation for the design, implementation, and management of database systems. Students will study both design and implementation issues with an emphasis on database management issues.

BUSA 532 - Data Warehousing
Hours: 3
This course covers the fundamentals of data warehousing architecture and the issues involved in how IT tools and techniques can allow managers to extract analytics and patterns from numeric data. Specific topics covered include the logical design of a data warehouse, the data staging area and extract-transform-load processing, the use of multi-dimensional analysis using OLAP techniques, and other techniques. The course will explore how to support informed decision making and extract predictive analytics and patterns from nonnumeric data by leveraging tools and techniques to analyze unstructured data.

BUSA 533 - Information & Network Security
Hours: 3
An examination of the technical and managerial aspects of Information Security and Assurance. This course provides the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, identifying threats to information assets and planning responses to threats. Addresses the use of analytics tools and techniques to enhance the ability of quality management approaches to improve information and security processes.

BUSA 537 - Advanced Analytics
Hours: 3
This course covers the application of advanced predictive analytical techniques to analyze and map non-traditional data such as text and graphics. This course exposes students to model situations where uncertainty is a major factor. Models include decision trees, queuing theory, Monte Carlo simulation, discrete event simulation, and stochastic optimization, and other techniques such as linear, nonlinear, and integer programming, network models, and an introduction to metaheuristics. Prerequisites: ECO 578, MKT 572, BUSA 542.

BUSA 541 - Global Network Design
Hours: 3
This course teaches students the core modules such as logistics and customer relationship management in enterprise resources planning activities. The course introduces modern quality management approaches including Six Sigma. Students learn global supply chain system design and implementation techniques and practices through class discussions and case analyses.

BUSA 542 - Applied Decision Modeling
Hours: 3
This course covers the development, implementation, and utilization of business models for managerial decision making. Discovered patterns, relationships and statistical findings from Data Mining efforts are often used as input in these mathematical models which are implemented in decision support systems. Students will learn techniques for analytical modeling including decision analysis, optimization and simulation. Examples are introduced that cover applications in strategic planning, financial management, operations, project management, and marketing research.

BUSA 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 4
One to four individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisites: Consent of department head.

BUSA 597 - Special Topic
Hours: 3
Special Topics. One to three semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.