Political Science B.A./B.S. with an emphasis in Legal Studies

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major (36 sh)
PSCI 222Introduction to Law3
PSCI 223Legal Research3
PSCI 347Intro to Research Methods3
PSCI 488GLB/US-Contemporary Ideas3
2 courses required in Political Theory and Philosophy from the following:6
GLB/Democ & Democratization
GLB/The Quest for Order, Justice, and Community
GLB/Liberty, the State, and the Person
GLB/The Age of Ideology
Amer Political Thought
Rev & Revolutionary Movmt
2 courses required in Public Policy, 1 course must be PSCI 442 or PSCI 4436
GLB/Intro to Global Pub Pol
Intro to Public Policy
GLB/Foreign Policy
Constitutional Law
Civil Libs & Civil Rights
2 courses required in American Political Processes:6
American State and Local Government
GLB/Intro to Global Pub Pol
Amer Pol Par/Electoral Po
Public Opinion
Congressional Politics
Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process
1 course required in Comparative Politics and International Relations:3
European Political System
GLB/Democ & Democratization
GLB/Non-European Polit Systm
GLB/Intro to Comp Politics
Rev & Revolutionary Movmt
GLB/Foreign Policy
GLB/International Relations
1 required elective course from the following list:3
Civil Procedure
Business Law for Paralegals
Criminal Law & Procedure
Family Law
Torts and Personal Injury Law
Choose BA or BS Option
(listed below)42
Total Hours120
BS ONLY (Non-Language)
Students must take the following:3
Applied Data Analysis
Minor Required18
Additional Electives 21
Total Hours42
BA ONLY (Language Option)
Language Requirement
12 hours of a foreign language*12
Minor Required18
Additional Electives11
Total Hours42

In addition to fulfilling these requirements, students majoring Political Science must submit a portfolio of their work in Political Science courses and complete a survey on their experiences in the program. Details may be found on the department’s website.