B.S./B.A. in Human Services

Grounded in Counseling, the Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts in Human Services is designed to prepare students to enter a variety of occupations among and within the greater Human Services field. Possible occupations may include, but are limited to, Student Affairs professional in a college or university, Mental Health Technician, Qualified Mental Health Provider-QMHP, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counseling-LCDC, among others.  Along with 2 prerequisites (PSY 2301, SOC 1301), and 8 required classes, students will develop a program emphasis by selecting 4 upper level classes from Counseling and 3 upper level courses from Psychology and Sociology. 

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
BA students must meet University foreign language requirements
Minor and/or Electives (33 SCH)33
Major (45 SCH, not including prerequisites)
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Required Counseling Classes (24 SCH):24
Orien to Counseling Prof
Phil of Helping Relatnshp
Intro to Assessment
Group Leadership
Intro Coun Theory/Methods
Career Development
Cultural Enrichment
Internship in Human Services
Additional Requirements:
Counseling - 12 hrs. from among the following upper level Counseling courses:12
Parent & Family Dynamics
Home & Family Living
Introduction to Student Services
Student Services 1: Residence Life/Student Activities
Internship in Human Services
Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol
Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Awareness, Counseling, Prevention, and Treatment
Anger Management: Skills and Techniques
Domestic Violence: Signs/Symptoms and Treatment
Independent Study
H Honors Thesis
H Honors Readings
Psychology/Sociology - 9 hrs. from among the following upper level Psychology and Sociology courses:9
GLB/US-Psychology and Sociology of Diverse Populations
Abnormal Psychology
Child and Adolescent Development
Lifespan Development
Forensic Psychology
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
Psychology of Death & Dying
Social Class,Wealth/Power
Marriage and Family
Deviant Behavior
GLB/Global Social Issues
US-Drugs & Society
Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Total Hours120

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major.