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PLS 1315 Introduction to Horticulture

PLSĀ 1315 - Introduction to Horticulture
Hours: 3
(AGRI 1315) Introduction to the science and art of modern horticultural plant production and growth, including propagation, fertilization, pest control, and pruning; major groups of garden crops including vegetables, fruits and nuts, ornamentals, houseplants, and florist crops. crops; lab includes propagation and culture of garden plants in field and greenhouse.

Common Course Numbers

...Agronomy PlS 115 AGRI 1415 Horticulture PLS 120...SPCH 1315 Intro. to Speech Comm. SPC 1315...

Plant and Soil Science Minor

...Or PLS 1315 & PLS 1115 Introduction to Horticulture and Introduction to Horticulture Laboratory PLS 309...