Food Science Courses

FDSC 510 - Grape & Wine Chemistry
Hours: 4
Mechanistic basis for the chemistry and biochemistry of vines, grapes, yeast, and bacteria used in winemaking, wine spoilage, and health issues of alcohol and wine. Critical evaluation of the literature pertaining to the above subjects.

FDSC 511 - Food in Social Context
Hours: 3
This course will examine cultural, sociological, economic, geographic, and political factors affecting food production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

FDSC 519 - Natural Products of Wine
Hours: 4
Structure, occurrence, and changes due to wine production to the natural products found in wine. Chemicals with a sensory impact will be emphasized, including flavonoids and other phenolics, terpenes and norisoprenoids, pyrazines, oak volatiles and other wine constituents.

FDSC 523 - Inst. Anal. Must & Wine
Hours: 4
Theory and practice of instrumental analysis of wines and musts. Emphasis on the principles of analytical techniques (e.g., EC, GC, HPLC, Mass Spectrometry) and key factors determining correct choice of instrumental method.

FDSC 525 - Advanced Wine Microbiology
Hours: 4
Identification, physiology, and biochemistry of bacteria and yeasts involved in wine making and spoilage of wines. Vinous and malolactic fermentations. Sherry organisms and other film yeasts.

FDSC 535 - Winery Management
Hours: 4
Physical properties of a winery; administrative organizational set-up; personnel; purchasing, packaging and shipping; local, state, and federal regulatory statutes.

FDSC 563 - Grape Development and Composition
Hours: 4
The anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of grape development, with emphasis on the development of grape composition relevant to winemaking.

FDSC 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies

FDSC 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 0-4
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.