Art History Courses

ARTH 507 - History of Graphic Design
Hours: 3
History of Graphic Design - Three semester hours This course focuses on the evolution of Graphic Design from the invention of writing and alphabets to the computer revolution. Topics include: Medieval manuscripts, the origins of printing and typography, the Arts and Crafts movement, Victorian & Art Nouveau Graphics, the influence of Modern Art on design and visual identity and conceptual imagery.

ARTH 508 - The Hist of Adv & Consumerism
Hours: 3
History of Advertising and Consumerism - Three semester hours. This course is designed to give a broad overview of the nature of a consumerist society and how it drives and is driven by advertising. Lectures will explore the types and causes of consumerism, commodities consumed by the public, and the promise of the "good life." Advertising's impact will be discussed from the aspect of target markets and positioning of goods and services, and the pros and cons of consumerism.