Homeland Security Graduate Certificate

The Homeland Security Graduate Certificate is for those with an interest in national defense.  It is designed to attract members outside the traditional criminal justice field.  The graduate certificate is designed to give students a broad understanding of homeland security issues and to enhance leadership capabilities among those who currently work in local, state, and federal government and others who are interested in gaining greater knowledge about the field of homeland security.  This program would introduce the student to homeland security concepts, applicable management principles, policy analysis, and enhance critical leadership skills necessary to successfully address security challenges within the United States.

12 semester hours required
CJ 505Terrorism3
CJ 597Special Topics (Intro to Homeland Security)1-4
CJ 597Special Topics (Red Teaming)1-4
CJ 597Special Topics (Counterintelligence)1-4
CJ 597Special Topics1-4
Total Hours12

Students must have admission to the Graduate School.  Coursework must be completed at Texas A&M University-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA in all courses used for this graduate certificate.  (No Substitutions)