Organization, Learning, and Technology MS

The online Master of Science in Organization, Learning, and Technology equips specialists in instructional and technology leadership in education, business, industry, Military, and non-profit organizations.  Learning, technology and leadership should be strategically aligned in order to improve learning and performance of individuals, work groups, and the organization.  Effective learning and instructional solutions in organizations demand advanced knowledge in instructional design, andragogy, technologies, instructional delivery, and systematic analyses in various areas, such as culture, global trends, and workplace needs.  With a blend of theory and technical skills, this program will prepare workplace learning professionals and corporate trainers alike. 

Master of Science in Organization, Learning and Technology - Option II Non-Thesis

30 semester hour program

Program requires at least 18 hours in the OLT major
Research (3 semester hours required)
OLT 595Research Methodologies (3 semester hours required)3
Required Core Courses (18 semester hours) from the following:
OLT 510Utilizing Effective Instructional Technologies 3
OLT 553Organizational Leadership 3
OLT/ETEC 578Instructional Design and Development3
OLT 590Evaluation3
Plus 2 course (6 semester hours) in OLT6
Electives (9 semester hours)
Elective courses selected from: OLT or ETEC. No more than 2 ETEC courses (6 semester hours) excluding 578. 9
Total Hours30

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.