Secondary Education MEd

The curriculum for the Master's of Education Degree (MEd) in Secondary Education requires minimum of 36 semester hours of study, 18 hours of which must have a SED or EDCI prefix.  The Secondary Education MEd is for certified teachers.  The outline of courses is as follows:

Master of Education in Secondary Education - Option II Non-Thesis

EDCI 595Research Lit Tech (3 semester hours required)3
Required Core (9 semester hours)
SED 513Secondary Schl Curriculum3
SED 521Models of Tchng Sec Schl3
SED 528Learning Theories and Philosophy3
SED Courses
Plus two to four graduate level SED courses to be selected in consultation with advisor6-12
Plus four to six graduate level electives12-18
Total Hours36

Approved electives must be sufficient to meet the 36-hour minimum program for the master's degree.  Electives may be taken in studies with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI), early childhood, curriculum & instruction, reading, secondary education, gifted education, bilingual education and ESL or studies in other departments within the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) or departments outside the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS).  Students may also choose to complete a concentration of 18 hours in one of the approved disciplines.  If the student desires a minor field of study in a specific discipline, at least 12 semester hours must be taken in that declared minor area.  Approved disciplines for minor study include art, biology, early childhood education, physical sciences, English, health, history, mathematics, music, foreign languages, health, kinesiology and sports studies, reading, speech, and theatre arts.