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Agricultural Sciences
   Agricultural Economics (AEC)
   Agricultural and Family Educat (AFE)
   Agriculture (AG)
   Agricultur Sci & Tech (AGED)
   Agricultural Mech (AMC)
   Animal Science (ANS)
   Food Science (FDSC)
   Plant and Soil Science (PLS)
   Art (ART)
   Art History (ARTH)
   Studio (ARTS)

Biological and Environmental Sciences
   Biological Sciences (BSC)
   Environmental Sci (ENVS)

Chemistry (CHEM )
Computer Science and Information Systems (CSCI )
Counseling (COUN )
Curriculum and Instruction
   Bilingual Education (BLED)
   Early Childhood Education (ECE)
   Education Curr & Inst (EDCI)
   Elementary Education (ELED)
   Reading (RDG)
   Secondary Education (SED)

Educational Leadership
   Educational Admin (EDAD)
   Higher Education (HIED)
   Library and Info Sci (LIS)
   Training & Development (TDEV)

Health and Human Performance
   Educational Technology (ETEC)
   Health & Human Perfor (HHPH)
   Health & Human Perfor (HHPK)
   Health & Human Perfor (HHPS)
History (HIST )

Literature and Languages
   English (ENG)
   Linguistics (FLL)
   Spanish (SPA)

Mass Media, Communication, and Theatre
   Speech Communication (SPC)
   Theatre (THE)
   Mathematics (MATH)
   Math Education (MTE)
Music (MUS )

Physics and Astronomy (PHYS )
Political Science (PSCI )
Psychology and Special Education
   Psychology (PSY)
   Special Education (SPED)

Social Work (SWK )
Sociology and Criminal Justice
   Criminal Justice (CJ)
   Sociology (SOC)